Your move, followers. What items do you use to bring me forth? 

lol im curious

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3D Audio
Tom Hiddleston & The Red Necklace
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Here, have Tom Hiddleston whispering creepy things into your ear. 

Second 3D sound experiment. Uploading this again because I deleted it and people were asking about it. Clip from the Red Necklace audiobook. Wear headphones.   

Have some eargasm, fellow Hiddlestoners.


*fans self*



hellahiddles yOOOOOOO
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Jeremy Mann is een hedendaags impressionist. In de serie Cityscapes is het urbane leven -veelal in New York- de basis voor de onderwerpen van zijn schilderijen.

- ”Rooftops in the Snow”, 2014

- “Winter, New York”, 2014

- “Down Through the Fog”, 2013

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Do You Want To Fight Hydra?
Steve Rogers & Fr fr - Frozen for real
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Do You Want to Fight Hydra?

Do you want to fight HYDRA?
Come on, let’s play pretend
I never see you anymore
Come out the door
I miss my best friend

We used to best buddies
And now we’re not
I wish you would tell me why

Do you want to fight HYDRA?
It doesn’t have to be HYDRA
(Go away, Steve.)
Okay, bye.

Do you want to fight HYDRA?
And punch Hitler in the face?
All these Avengers want to recrute me
But all I want to do is to feel your embrace
Stay away from me, Nick Fury

It gets a little lonely
And I was frozen here
Watching the years go by

Please, I know you’re in there
People say you forgot about me
They say you’re long gone now
But we’ve made a vow
Please, remember me
Even when I had nothing
I had you
So what are we gonna do?
Do you want to fight HYDRA?

inspired by vegandragon's beautiful fanart x

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Steve and Bucky AU - What if Steve and Bucky were neighbors?

WHY DOES THIS NOT HAVE MORE VIEWS IT IS PERFECTION. (not mine, made by the amazingly talented paquim on youtube)

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Teen Wolf spin-off about Danny living his life in Beacon Hills during canon thus far, showing him hanging out with Jackson and Lydia, Lydia setting Danny up on dates, Jackson being Danny’s wingman at clubs, Danny having a computer hacking business on the side, and in every episode, Scott and Stiles are running around in the background shouting about werewolves and casually bleeding.

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I question the motive of some reblogs occasionally; my fanfic has been reblogged to this blog tagged as ‘sex’ and the title of that blog is just as dubious. I’m amused, as the story isn’t about that at all. Strangely amusing tbh.

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Apparently the only way to get over S3b Teen Wolf feels is to draw the characters excessively. Like so many times. So many.

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